Riverside Fellowship is Moving to Page Middle School!

As of June 19th, it is official – we are moving our Sunday Worship Service to Page Middle School! Christ Family Church has been a great host to us for these first two years, but it’s time to make a move that puts us “closer to home” and in the heart of the community we feel called to serve. Our first Sunday service at Page Middle School will be on Sunday, July 2nd. We will open the doors at 9:30am for an Open House where you will be able to come in and explore the space we will be using. At 10:30am, we will all gather in the cafeteria and setup our chairs together for our very first Sunday Worship gathering at Page Middle. We will have coffee and doughnuts provided for everyone at 9:30am so come out, explore the space, and worship with us at our new location!


First Sunday at Page Middle School

  •   9:30am  Open House – Come in and explore our space with coffee and doughnuts!

  • 10:30am  Worship Gathering in the Cafeteria / Sanctuary