Our Sunday Morning Worship Service for January 21st is canceled due to ice in the parking lot. Please see our full statement below. We hope you will enjoy this Sunday Morning Devotional on Acts 2 and make plans to join us next Sunday as we gather at Page Middle School at 10:30am!

Dear Riverside Faith Family – 

I hope everyone is doing well in spite of the winter weather we have experienced this week! Fisher has enjoyed being out of school and playing hockey on the ice that is covering the streets in our neighborhood. I do have to admit, the snow does look beautiful on the hills and farms in our area. Unfortunately, as beautiful as the snow is to look at, the cold temperatures and icy road conditions has forced Williamson County Schools to shut down all of their facilities for this weekend, including Page Middle School. We received an email this morning at 11:00am from our contact person with Williamson County Schools. His email read:

Due to the hazardous conditions of our parking lots, we are asking that you cancel church services for this Sunday, January 21. We apologize for the inconvenience but we are diligently working on clearing the parking lots over the weekend. For expediency, I’m communicating directly with those affected. But moving forward, principals will communicate with you with respect to any cancellations as been our SOP in the past. If you would, please reach out to your respective supervisors and let them know. If you don’t have their contact information, please let your principals know.

That said, we will not be holding our usual Sunday Morning Worship Service this Sunday, January 21st at Page Middle School. In place of Sunday morning worship, I will post a 20-30 minute sermon video to our Riverside Fellowship website and Riverside Fellowship YouTube channel by 10:30am on Sunday morning. That sermon will take a look back at some of the information we shared during our Connect meeting this past Sunday. I hope you will take the time this Sunday to view that video and let it encourage you for the days ahead!

One more final item before I close out this email. Penny Vaughan’s Sunday School Class will be meeting by Zoom at their usual time of 9:00am. Penny will communicate with everyone in her class and provide the Zoom link for you. John Meade’s Class will not be meeting this Sunday, but will pick back up next week.

I will miss getting to see our faith family gather for worship this weekend. I look forward to seeing all of you for worship next Sunday, January 28th as we begin a brand new series in the Gospel of John. It’s going to be a great Sunday, so don’t miss it!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Kevin